I am an experienced SEO Consultant who works both freelance and as Head of SEO & SEM of a top SEO Agency in London. I have been providing 1 to 1 Digital Marketing Training, and SEO training for WordPress to a variety of business owners, marketing specialists and social media consultants. My SEO Training for WordPress services include  performing SEO technical audits, fixing SEO errors in WordPress, on page SEO optimisation and off page SEO strategies. As a professional social media consultant I provide 1 to 1 training on social media marketing strategies, social media automation, planning, researching, setting up and tracking  social media marketing campaigns. As a professional PPC and re-marketing expert I provide 1 to 1 training on researching, planning, setting up,monitoring, tracking and refining your PPC and re-targeting campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising or via AdRoll. As an experienced content marketing professional I provide training on setting up, launching, tracking, A/B splitting and refining your content marketing campaigns. I also provide training on setting up and building your own highly professional website with WordPress, with no programming skills required. And, as a professional affiliate manager I provide 1 to 1 training on monetising your website on Google and Amazon.

Technical SEO Training for WordPress

Learn how to perform SEO audits and fix your website from a technical point of view using a range of free and paid for SEO tools. Technical SEO audits are the very first step within the SEO process...after all, search engines can't rank what they can't find.

SEO Technical Training

In depth auditing of your own website on a regular basis is paramount to the success of your SEO strategies. I am a very experienced SEO Expert who will take you through all the nitty gritty of performing Technical SEO audits on your website and best strategies to fix it. You will also learn about the best Technical SEO tools available on the market…

On / Off page SEO Training for WordPress

Learn about the main factors impacting your website's SEO performance. How do you fix it and organise you content? How do you perform split tests and optimise your landing pages for conversion? Link strategies to improve visibility.

SEO Audit Insights:

Both on page and off page SEO is becoming more of an art and science at the same time. Only couple of years ago any person who could change a meta description was branding itself as a SEO specialist. Nowadays, we have Google’s rank brain, 200+ ranking factors and not everybody is an SEO expert anymore…

Paid Social Media & PPC Training

I included social media and PPC under the paid search training headline simply because they are in effect both a pay per click growth hacking medium. Learn how to research, set up and reach the right audiences at the right time for the right price.

Paid search training

I provide training on setting up and managing your own search engine advertising campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Amazon, eBay, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Twitter and more.

Paid Content Amplification

Learn how to publish your content on premium publishing platforms. Bring your content in front of the right audience at the right time for the right cost. Learn how to A/B split, track the results and optimise your campaign.

Content marketing training

As a professional content marketing expert I will train you on setting up, monitoring, tracking and refining your content amplification campaigns. We will start your training with Outbrain Amplify and continue with Taboola Discovery.

Digital Marketing Training Areas

SEO Training for WordPress
PAID Social Media Training
CONTENT Amplification Training
COMPETITOR Benchmarking (Digital)

You will be trained in three main areas of SEO: performing comprehensive technical SEO audits and fixing technical issues found during your SEO Audits. The second area you will be trained in is on page SEO where you will learn and practice Google’s “journey” on a website page based on the most recent SEO research and tests available. You will learn about various industry leading reporting tools starting Goggle’s own tools down to heat maps and A/B split tools.  Finally, you will be trained in link building principles and strategies, and overall Outreach. Depending on your learning goal, as a Head of SEO &SEM of a top Digital Marketing Agency in London I am well placed to bespoke your digital marketing training/SEO training for WordPress  to match the demanding SEO requirements within a digital marketing agency in London.

As part of your SEO Technical training you will learn to uncover and fix various SEO technical issues, too many to be all mentioned here. The main technical SEO issues you will learn revolve around search engine indexing issues, HTTP and HTTPs issues, response codes (i.e. 200, 404s, 500s), robots.txt issues, URLs, duplicate content, canonical errors, setting up canonical versions in the Google search console, index/no-index commands, follow/no-follow, hreflangs issues, Google Search Console, industry leading SEO technical tools, page speed issues and much more. You will gain SEO technical skills that will allow you to confidently work your way into an SEO role.

You will learn concepts, processes, theory and hands on skills allowing you to optimise your website for SEO, both as a client and as a future SEO consultant. Some of the areas you will be trained are : meta description, meta titles, various SEO optimisation plugins, H1s, image optimisation, keyword density and keyword placement on page, keyword research strategies, A/B split tests, heat maps and much more.

Link building represents a top 5 ranking factors for SEO. You will learn about what links are, link building strategies, how to set up and organise your link building campaign, how to identify and prioritise prospects, competitor backlink analysis, domain and authority, internal and external link architectures, optimising you blog posts for SEO and for attracting links, paid content amplification for link building purposes, social media automation and more.

I encourage you to use your website as a project for learning SEO! There is no greater feeling than observing how your work and progress impact your SEO and rankings! In fact, I would more than welcome the idea of conducting SEO training for WordPress, and digital marketing training on your own website!

Both my digital marketing training and my SEO training on WordPress is bespoke and it always starts with an assessment of your SEO level of knowledge. A tailored SEO training plan is then devised allowing you to get the best out of my SEO expertise. You will be recommended books, online digital marketing courses, articles, SEO conferences and so on…anything to help you get better and better every day!

This is of course a rhetoric question- you cannot run an SEO campaign without measuring your results…how many visits to the website, where from, why. what impact, what goals, funnels, events, how do your visitors behave on your website, where do they click, how far down the page and the examples can continue. You will be thought about cutting edge tools allowing you to understand the impact of your SEO services at the most granular level. Rest assured that your digital marketing training and your SEO training for WordPress will cover most current tools and data insights provided by these tools!

You will learn both organic amplification and paid social media skills. What are the best social media channels to match your client’s goals, strategies to leverage it, automation, social media competitor research, setting up your own social advertising campaigns, goals, heat maps, tracking on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Stumble Upon, Foursquare, Xing, Pinterest and many more. My digital marketing training services are bespoke to every learner, maximising the return on your investment!

You will learn to build and manage social media advertising and reputation management campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Foursquare and Xing. You will learn how paid social integrates into the overall digital marketing training “ecosystem” such as longer term strategies (SEO training for WordPress).

I really do encourage you to use your own project as a learning case study! What better way to keep yourself motivated and driven to improve than seeing and feeling the results of your social media marketing campaigns? Social media amplification training is, just as any other digital marketing training skill (i.e. SEO training for WordPress) is best learned hands-on!

Too many to be named here! I will give it a try though: Google keyword planner, Google display planner, Ubersuggest, Soovle, KWFinder, Moz, SEM Rush, Raven Tools, SEO Powersuite, advertising tools for individual social media platforms i.e. Facebook’s ads manager or it’s power editor, Crazy Egg heat mapping, Improvely and many more. You will also learn how these tools may be used as part of my digital marketing training and SEO training for Worpress training modules.

Because all my digital marketing training (i.e.social media advertising training, SEO training for WordPress etc) is delivered on a 1 to 1 basis I will always start by assessing your existing digital marketing skills, tailor your social media advertising training and goals and ensure that you make the best out of it. I am genuinely passionate about training and you will always get 100% focus on your individual social media advertising  development!

As a head of SEO & SEM of a top Digital Agency in London I am very well “placed” in sharing my experiences and tailoring your digital marketing training (i.e. social media advertising training, SEO training for WordPress etc) to meet the high standards within the industry. Moreover, most paid social media specialists focus mainly on advertising on platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, with very little understanding and experience of other social media marketing platforms such as Reddit, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Foursquare, Xing and more…great opportunity to get ahead of these social media experts, impress in interviews and land that paid social media consultant job!

You will learn how to run PPC campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing, Amazon and eBay. You will be starting with basic skills and work your way up to more advanced PPC skills: understand basic concepts (i.e. campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, settings, re-marketing , CPC etc) and particularities of each platform, navigate your way around their PPC platforms (i.e. Adwords), keyword research strategies and tools (Google keyword planner and display planner tools, Ubersuggest, KWFinder, SEM Rush, Raven tools and many more), tracking and reporting (goals, events, funnels, 3d party tools, heat maps etc), optimising your campaigns, A/B split testing, strategy …anything that will allow you to competently attend an interview and land that PPC consultant job!

You will learn to run successful PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, Amazon and eBay.

There is no better way of learning that running your own PPC campaign! As an PPC consultant I have always found this hand on experience to work best hence I would strongly encourage to run your own PPC learning campaign!

Some of the PPC tools that you will learn for PPC purposes include : Google’s Keyword research and Display Planner tools, Ubersuggest, Soovle, KWFinder, Improvely,  Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Amazon, Bing and eBay PPC platforms, Crazzy Egg, SEM Rush and more.

Of course! My PPC training is carried out on a 1 to 1 basis and it always starts with an assessment of your current PPC knowledge and goals. This first step is followed by a comprehensive and bespoke training plan on PPC which include recommended books, online training, recommended conferences and tutorials, hands on PPC training and projects and more.

I am an experienced SEO and PPC consultant in London. I am also the Head of SEO & SEM of a top digital agency in London. You can rest assured that there really is no one in a better position to prepare you for the highly challenging and equally rewarding digital marketing industry!

In addition to learning content amplification tools, strategies and hands on skills on paid social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumble Upon Reddit (and many more) you will also be trained on automation tools for organic growth hacking purposes: various WordPress plugins and tools such as Hootsuite. We will also focus on building your native advertising skills via platforms such as Outbrain Amplify and Taboola Discovery. Taboola and Outbrain are two content discovery platforms that provide sponsored content on premium publisher platforms such as CNN, People, ESPN, Sky News and more. You will learn how to build your campaigns, optimise your articles for maximum impact, A/B split tests, bidding strategies, building re-marketing audiences, tracking results with cutting edge and more traditional analytics tools (Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, Improvely etc), set up goals, events, funnels and more.

You will learn organic and paid growth hacking and content amplification strategies on the following platforms: Taboola, Outbrain, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, Reddit, Xing and more.

I really encourage you to learn and do at the same time! The re is no better way to observe first hand the impact of your content amplification strategies on your business. I will support you every step of the way which means that you will both set up a successful content marketing amplification campaign and learn how to do it yourself!

Some of the Content amplification tools that you will learn include : Google’s Keyword research tools, Ubersuggest, Soovle, KWFinder, Improvely,  Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, SEM Rush, Taboola, Outbrain and more.

I strongly encourage you to set up your own Content Amplification campaign, experiment first hand with the various content amplification options available and learn what work best for you….while also running a successful content marketing campaign!

I am an SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content amplification specialist in London. I run the SEO & SEM departments as Head of SEO & SEM of a top digital agency in London. You can rest assured that there really is no one in a better position to prepare you for the highly challenging and equally rewarding digital marketing industry!

Well…you will learn to monitor technical health of your competitor’s websites, their keyword strategies and rankings, their social media strategies (where they post, what they post, when they post, what time they post, engagement of their posts, trends etc), their brand communication strategy on internet (where they get mentioned, in one context, by what keywords and so on). You will learn how to complete backlink analysis of your and your competitors’s websites learning about their strategies, who recommends them online by linking to their website (i.e. suppliers, publications, clients, other stakeholders etc), their paid search strategies, budgets and keywords targeted, their local SEO presence and more!

Some of the SEO tools you will learn about include SemRush, Raven tools, SEO Spyglass, Rank Tracker, Buzzsumo, Link Assistant, Moz Tools, SpyFu and more!

Digital benchmarking is an area which is severely underused by businesses nowadays, with most businesses focusing on working hard rather than smart. As an multi-award winning Senior General Manager for brands like Hilton and Holiday Inn I have had first hand experience of old school sales functions delivering lots of actions with little impact. I still remember the traditional car park walks with the Sales Manager collecting leads that never converted…by contrast a backlink analysis we carried for one of competitor allowed us to “steal” one of their clients that delivered 300k per year for three years in a row and won us awards on sales, revenue, innovation and a few more…that is the power of digital benchmarking innovation!

Your digital marketing training  journey….

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