I am an experienced digital reputation consultant in London who has been managing several successful digital reputation management campaigns. In my dealings with my clients I have always observed the same pattern: they are all successful executives, having worked very hard throughout their career and have showed an enormous amount of resilience. They have also sacrificed a lot on a personal plan and have put on hold numerous holidays to dedicate themselves fully to their career. And then, a wrong decision was taken…a wrong company, the wrong boss, the wrong culture and a noisy exit followed by media coverage, publications, blogs, forums and a lot of negative stories on the first page of search engines as Google. And then, while trying to land their dream job again they acknowledge that at their level, prospective employers perform online searches as the very minimum…and that negative stories keep coming up.

Psychologists call this a Confirmation Bias, once that employers read the stories their form a biased mindset and filter all information received to confirm that initial impression. While running your reputation management campaign I wear many ‘hats”: digital marketing expert , SEO consultant, social media expert, content amplification professional PPC, digital competitor benchmarking and remarketing specialist in London I use a variety of innovative approaches to get that news, articles and blogs out of the first page in Google, give my clients a fair chance to start over without fear of confirmation biases.

Search Engine Optimisation

The first point of call is your blog, website or online CV. This represents an important digital asset and represents you as a brand. Let's rank your website up on the first page in Google...for multiple pages!

SEO Plans include:

My SEO services for your blog include technical SEO audits of your website, improving your website’s health, on-page search engine optimisation and outreach/link building strategies.

Content Marketing strategies

Let's rank your social profiles in natural search. Let's develop new and innovative social media opportunities in natural search. Let's amplify and rank your content on social and via native advertising!

Social Media services include:

Your social media profiles represent another great opportunity to get some of that first top ten positions in Google. We will create great content, optimised for SEO, amplified and linked to from good quality websites.

Your Digital Footprint

We will use every digital opportunity to enhance our chances of removing or outranking that negative stories: journalists outreach, digital competitors analysis and more.

Services include:

In our efforts we will contact journalists, your digital competitors (if part of our strategy),employ various blogger outreach plans…anything that would support our efforts to get that first page in Google and Bing!

digital Reputation Management Services…


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