Competitor benchmarking in its current form is outdated in 90% of the businesses. Remember the traditional “benchmarking” tool in the form of car park walks with your sales manager, taking notes about your competitor’s clients?…it is still in place in most businesses. If you reflect over it…how many times have these competitor benchmarking “tools” brought you a lead or a client? Instinctively you know it does not work but you still do it…after all you need to show your boss and his boss what you do, and the more the better, right? I am an experienced  Digital Marketing Consultant holding and MBA and an MA Marketing & Innovation, and a multi-award winning Senior General Manager for large multimillion branded businesses and teams. I use state of art, innovative digital benchmarking tools to make your competitor benchmarking significantly more efficient and commercially focused. I am also the Head of SEO & SEM of a top digital agency in London.

Competitor Keywords Ranking

What keywords are your competitors ranking for? Are they running PPC? What search volume? What markets are they targeting? Any opportunities you are missing on?

Competitor benchmarking

Competitor benchmarking (digital) allows you to gain insights into your competitor’s digital strategies: What keywords do they rank for, what are you missing on, what are your strengths and weaknesses, but most importantly what are your opportunities?

Competitor Social Media

What social media channels are your competitors leveraging? What strategies for each channel? What are they saying? How are they saying? How often? What can you learn?

Competitor Social Media Benchmarking

Competitor benchmarking of social media strategy is paramount to understanding their digital strategy. Do they use Instagram to engage followers, LinkedIn to talk to influencers and Facebook to sell? I use innovative tools to put this information at your fingertips…

Competitor Brand Monitoring

Stay up to date with your competitor's strategy, products and initiatives. Where is your competitor being mentioned on the internet? In what context? Anything you can learn?

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitor brand monitoring is something that most businesses are lacking behind at, generally due to high daily operational workload or simply a reluctance to adapt. Having timely insights in your competition’s strategy is a highly untapped competitive advantage. Leverage it!

Competitor Backlinks Analysis

Find out who recommends your competitors' websites. Are they clients? Suppliers? Publications...get leads, understand strategy and opportunities.

Backlink Analysis

I have mentioned above the example of the traditional sales man who walks it’s competitors’ car park in search for leads…highly inefficient. Using my expertise you can tap into an competitor benchmarking opportunity that 99.99% of your competitors are not aware of.

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